Smartsheet: Budget month starts on a particular day

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Despite (or because of) being active on the Smartsheet Community (when I have time),  occasionally I get emails to one of the several emails I have added to my profile there. Here’s one I got recently. Hi Craig,  Can you please help me figure out a formula for this situation: I have a ‘Start Date’ columnRead more

Smartsheet: Looking for #REF

The #REF error appears when Smartsheet gets confused. This shows up in the Predecessor column. The most likely cause is a row deletion. When this happens, the dependencies in the project sheet may no longer be accurate. You can find the #REF  errors easily using the Search feature I sometimes forget to check – or the #REF showsRead more

Let’s Not Do That, Shall We?

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I went to bed angry last night. There’s not anyone else in the house, so that’s OK. I guess. I woke up annoyed, but I have work to do so did not think I’d set aside time to write anything more than that in my journal. Then I read this excellent post on personal ethics on myRead more

To Automate or Not to Automate, that is the Question

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Apologies to the Bard. New Stuff Yesterday (May 7, 2016), Smartsheet and Zapier rolled out an update. Go here for Smartsheet’s release notes and while I couldn’t find a page for Zapier’s release notes (looks like they blog them), their documentation has been updated too. In all fairness, I’ve been lukewarm to Zapier. I have a free accountRead more

Looking for Pro Bono work

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The Gig I’m looking for Pro Bono work this summer. Preferably management, Smartsheet usage, but I’m flexible. A few details Certified non-profit organization And I don’t mean a company that doesn’t make a profit, but a charitable organization. I also don’t mean a company formed to benefit another company or set of companies. I meanRead more