About Rōnin Global

Who and what is Rōnin Global?

The short version: We’re consultants. We have backgrounds in management, process improvement, engineering, and other areas.

The longer version by J. Craig Williams: Our name Rōnin comes from Japanese and is a word (浪人) that means wanderer. In some modern day Japanese contexts, this also applies to freelancers. In Japan’s late feudal period, the term referred to masterless samurai.

The samurai followed the Bushido code, roughly similar to the Chivalric code  from western Europe. These codes are based on qualities that appeal to us: honor, honesty, integrity, loyalty, adherence to an agreed upon set of values and standards, and value placed in the obtaining and maintaining the skills necessary to achieve the objectives of the society. The PMI code of ethics has its roots in codes like these.

(more to come)