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This is a public service announcement for anyone who uses or intends to use JTOPMERET.If you don’t know what that is, then this article is not for you. TL;DRFor TOPMERET delivered with JADE 5.3.0, if you have existing models built with TOPMERET and wish to add a new model or update an existing one withRead more

I Don’t Feel Petulant …

… but I am probably acting petulant. My excuse is that is 6am, I’ve been up for two hours because my brain won’t shut up about the incredible1 things happening at work in the past few weeks. Someone read2 one of my posts and found a broken link. They were nice enough to point out theRead more

Unforced Error – Smartsheet UX change

Usually, I try to avoid sports analogies 1, but this particular one is in my lexicon and has evolved beyond sports. For me it translates to: “Oh no. You really didn’t need to do that. But you did it anyway. Oops.” On Dec 14, 2018, Smartsheet released the second of its large user experience (UX) changesRead more

If I have to ask

Imagine if you will: I walk onto a used car lot and … while I’m standing there looking at a car that interests me, a salesman slides up to me. “This car looks interesting to me. How much is it?” I ask. The salesman smiles and says “How much do you have?” I land onRead more

Avoid etc.

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While reviewing a set of metrics that I had been given, I mentally checked them off 1 one by one. At the end of the list, there was this word = etc.2, short for the Latin phrase et cetera. This is something that I watch out for. ref – Oxford Living Dictionaries 3 Etceteras 4 can be usedRead more

Smartsheet: Multiple Contact Selection is Here. NOW WHAT?

The Gist At ENGAGE 2018, Smartsheet released a feature that has been long requested and much demanded on the Community Posts and I assume elsewhere. Assigning Multiple People to a Task I won’t go into my opinions on it1. There is no time to waste. Really. It is here and what should you do aboutRead more

Passing the Torch

Sports Sometimes, change is bitter sweet. I am not a sports fan. I might need to take my shoes off to count all of the current American Football, Baseball, Hockey, or Basketball stars’ names I know, let alone their teammates. Some of those might not play anymore. Usually I can’t tell you who won lastRead more

Smartsheet Tip: Chart Changes

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Introduction This post started out as just personal documentation so I could recall later how I had done something. It kind of grew a bit from there. Backstory: Recurring Widget Tasks One of the task types I sometimes want/need to track is what I sometimes referring to as ‘recurring widgets’. This type of tasks mayRead more

The Journal

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I use a lot of different software. Lots. I know I am not alone. This isn’t braggadocious1, I’m just setting up background. I’m not writing about the ones that are “just there” — anti-virus, online storage sync programs, and the rest that just sit in the system tray and are actively ignored. I mean theRead more

So, this happened last night…

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What to expect here: While I discuss Smartsheet , this isn’t a post about Smartsheet. It is about me and includes: An example of one of my ‘customer types’ An example of a problem, the solution, and the journey and This is part of a series of posts 1, discussions with friends and family, andRead more