I Don’t Feel Petulant …

… but I am probably acting petulant. My excuse is that is 6am, I’ve been up for two hours because my brain won’t shut up about the incredible1 things happening at work in the past few weeks. Someone read2 one of my posts and found a broken link. They were nice enough to point out theRead more

If I have to ask

Imagine if you will: I walk onto a used car lot and … while I’m standing there looking at a car that interests me, a salesman slides up to me. “This car looks interesting to me. How much is it?” I ask. The salesman smiles and says “How much do you have?” I land onRead more

The Journal

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I use a lot of different software. Lots. I know I am not alone. This isn’t braggadocious1, I’m just setting up background. I’m not writing about the ones that are “just there” — anti-virus, online storage sync programs, and the rest that just sit in the system tray and are actively ignored. I mean theRead more

So, this happened last night…

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What to expect here: While I discuss Smartsheet , this isn’t a post about Smartsheet. It is about me and includes: An example of one of my ‘customer types’ An example of a problem, the solution, and the journey and This is part of a series of posts 1, discussions with friends and family, andRead more

I’ve been invited to speak at ENGAGE 2017

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It is with pride and a sense of gratitude that I announce, that I have been invited to speak at ENGAGE, Smartsheet’s first user conference September 2017. I hope to see you there, to meet people I only know by e-mail and the Community, or customers I only know from tele-conferences. Here’s the link to theRead more

Never say never: There might be a way

One of the things I enjoy about reading and answering questions on the Smartsheet Community forum is that every once in a while there is general consensus that something can’t be done. Some of these are like brain teasers to me. I think about them for a while, I mull them over, I come backRead more

A Bad Day of Development – A Stream of Consciousness Journey

Well, not stream of consciousness, more like stream of Internet surfing. I’ve been working on the business case and business model for an App I’m building and testing. That part is going well, thanks for asking. For some reason, I woke up annoyed at SaaS deployments. Seriously annoyed. I rarely remember my dreams, in wholeRead more

Let’s Not Do That, Shall We?

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I went to bed angry last night. There’s not anyone else in the house, so that’s OK. I guess. I woke up annoyed, but I have work to do so did not think I’d set aside time to write anything more than that in my journal. Then I read this excellent post on personal ethics on myRead more

Looking for Pro Bono work

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The Gig I’m looking for Pro Bono work this summer. Preferably management, Smartsheet usage, but I’m flexible. A few details Certified non-profit organization And I don’t mean a company that doesn’t make a profit, but a charitable organization. I also don’t mean a company formed to benefit another company or set of companies. I meanRead more