About Craig

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The following is a list of my own quotes. I may have picked these up from someone along the way, but I think these are mine. A colleague of mine once called these ‘Craig-isms’. Whatever that is worth. If you know me, you’ve probably heard these more than once.

“Copy-Paste is the work of the Devil” 


I used to work with engineers that would take a block of code, 10 or 50 or 100 lines of Fortran with values unique

tag_a = some code(1) + another_tag_a * blah blah blah

       something_else(1) = tag_a + some_more_code

and_another_tag_a_kks = some_function(something_else(1))

sprinkled throughout that code and in the first paste version change all _a to _b (but not with Find and Replace, that is both too easy and also prone to mistakes) and change (1) to (2). Pasted again, the _a (1)‘s would be changed to _c (3)‘s and so on. There would often be missed changes, because all of this was done manually.

We spent a bit of our time finding and fixing those copy/paste errors left behind by the previous engineers. We didn’t know any better, but some of use learned.

Copy-Paste saves time. Until it doesn’t.

“We will never have WORLD PEACE” 


I was actually in Sweden when I realized world peace would never happen.

I was watching a hockey game and realized the clock was moving in the ‘wrong’ direction. I then realized that it wasn’t ‘wrong’, just different than Canadian/US hockey that I am used to.

Further I realized that SOMEONE had to be first but SOMEONE ELSE decided it was better the other way and then wars happen.

Don’t get me started on toilet paper rolls.

More to follow as I realize I am quoting myself.