I Don’t Feel Petulant …

… but I am probably acting petulant.

My excuse is that is 6am, I’ve been up for two hours because my brain won’t shut up about the incredible1 things happening at work in the past few weeks.

Someone read2 one of my posts and found a broken link. They were nice enough to point out the broken link to me and offer an alternative. I fixed it. Very cool. At this rate, the Internet will be cleaned up in no time!

From the alternative

However, even if I am not being petulant, maybe I’m feeling snarky.

Initial thoughts:

re: Each day, more than 90 Americans die in car accidents.

Probably not the right ones.

Also, ‘more than 100 Americans’ might be more accurate. 40k fatal accidents per year / 365 days per year. But … maybe the accidents did not involve Americans? But … what about multiple fatalities per accidents? Numbers matter but they are sneaky. Did the 40k and 90 come from the same source?

re: The most common causes of accidents resulting in death are drunk driving (40%), speeding (30%), and irresponsible driving (33%)

Aren’t drunk driving and speeding symptoms of irresponsible driving? That means 103% of accidents are caused by irresponsible driving! (No, it doesn’t). But it does mean (I think) that 7% of drunk driving might not be considered irresponsible. Doesn’t it? I wonder which ones?

I really should not try to think before my first cup of coffee. It is likely irresponsible.

re: When it comes to fatal car accidents by state, most occurred in Texas and California during 2018

Blame it on the coffee, but that looks like there was a spike in accidents in 2018 and they happened in Texas and California. That’s weird. What happened in 2018? Oh, no that’s probably wrong.

I assume California had a lot of accidents because there are a lot of angry drivers in Los Angeles. I assume Texas has a lot of accidents because the roads are long and boring and people fall asleep at the wheel. Or maybe that was just me.

re: Each year, more than 1,600 children younger than 15 die in traffic accidents

Other than me, is there a large population of children older than 15? Maybe there is a club I can join?

Well, that’s over with.  I’m looking for employment as a Picker of Nits and as a Sarcastic Statistician.

  1. Incredible as in implausible, not incredible as in marvelous.
  2. Which is more marvelous than implausible, but incredible too.


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