Smartsheet: Find & Replace in Hidden Columns as Admin

Sometimes, all it takes is a talking out the problem. Or in this case, submitting a Smartsheet Enhancement Request.

I wanted to do a Find & Replace All on some text. This isn’t it:

but it demonstrates the problem. As an Admin, I can’t Replace All in hidden columns.

So I whined and complained and wrote an Enhancement Request. I also posted it here, on the Community.

I was almost done with that write up when a more simple work-around struck me. Just use a Report.

I created a new Report from a Sheet with 100 columns in two minutes. I clicked a lot but now I have complete visibility on all the cells in my Sheet. Lots of clicks.

 Closing Thoughts

I like simple solutions.

I still want to be able to Find & Replace All in a hidden columns. I don’t want to have to create a Report for each Sheet, just for this need. But if I have the need in the future, I will spend the 2 minutes (usually less) do that instead of hiding and unhiding multiple columns.

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