If I have to ask

Imagine if you will:

I walk onto a used car lot and …

while I’m standing there looking at a car that interests me, a salesman slides up to me.

“This car looks interesting to me. How much is it?” I ask.

The salesman smiles and says “How much do you have?”

I land on the homepage …

of a company that produces software that might satisfy a need I have. I watch a few videos, I read a review or two, but no where is there a ‘Pricing’ page. There is, however, a ‘Free Trial’ page, but still no reference to price.

In both cases, I will not be buying your product.

I don’t believe the phrase that goes something like “if you have to ask, you can’t’ afford it“, rather, if I have to ask, you are wasting my time.


Donald Palmer

I had a car salesman ask me how much would like your monthly payments to be? I said 0 do you anymore dumb questions to ask me??

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